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July - November 2003
A brief background to this site and the stories on it:
Tales From The InterRails marks my first proper venture into writing, and the whole thing evolved rather by accident. It began as a shorter travel report to tie into my existing Renault 4 website, but during many late night sessions of intensive tapping away at the keyboard, it soon developed into something approaching a full novel. As the commitment level increased there was no turning back, and the final work took longer to complete, working in fits and starts as time permitted, than the travels themselves. I am currently pursuing the idea of adapting and publishing this story as a standard paperback novel in the travel-humour genre, and I welcome any helpful advice, general comments or offers of future travel work! With the story being broken down into a day-by-day account, I do simply ask that people read through from beginning to end before passing any judgement, else any cohesive understanding of it will be lost. See the contact me page for details of how to get in touch. Hope you all find the secret chapter!

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