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Seville - Córdoba

Unfortunately, due to my intention of publishing this story as a standard paperback novel in the future, I am forced to substitute sections of this free online version with a 'spoiler' to prevent illegal copying or reproduction of the entire work. The full availability of the book on this website could present problems should somebody obtain and attempt to publish it elsewhere. As a result, day 15 has been withdrawn. Rest assured that I chose this chapter for exclusion as it is one of the least eventful and should not greatly impact your enjoyment of the remaining story. Apologies for the inconvenience to genuine readers.

As a brief summary: I decided to delay my travelling to Morocco by a further day due to the lack of spaces at the hostel in Algeciras. Instead I travelled to Córdoba, from where I would have an easier voyage south by rail to the port. This would afford me an early morning connection which would get me all the way to Morocco before nightfall without the need for a stay in Algeciras. I became lost under the baking heat in a maze of alleys in the centre of Seville during the afternoon, before just making it to the station on time to board my train to Córdoba. Here I found the youth hostel and had a quiet night.

HOSTEL REPORT: Albergue Juvenil Córdoba, Plaza Judá Leví S/N., 14003 Córdoba
Finding this hostel for the first time could be tricky if approaching from the wrong direction through the maze of narrow streets, but once there it was quite an easy walk around the corner to the main boulevard, which ran straight up to the rail and bus stations. The location was in the Judería, right in the thick of things near the Mezquita, and close to shops, bars and various amenities. My dormitory contained three beds and was of an acceptable standard, having its own separate toilet and shower rooms. Facilities were plentiful, with evening meals upon request, a laundrette, a superb central courtyard with vending machines and best of all, a large room containing many Internet terminals at a very cheap hourly rate. The breakfast was reasonable but staff could have been a little friendlier, and the huge size of the place created a lack of intimacy when occupied by so few residents. The building was attractively designed and prices were fair, but I had great trouble getting through on the phone to make my reservation in the first place. Score: 7/10

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